n Wenumapu Restaurant our concern is to offer our visitants good quality food that contribute to good health, that is why most of the vegetables consumed in our Restaurant are produced in our greenhouse and organic orchard, besides we count with local producers of organic vegetables.

In our Menu you will find a variety of dishes that stand out the preparations, the fusion of products of the region with those of the classic Chilean and International cuisine. We highlight the homemade pastes that can be stuffed with dihueñes, morchella, and changle, among others. And for those with traditional tastes we have rib cap, strip loin, salmon, grilled chicken, casserole, and a variety of salads and accompaniments.

Chef’s suggestion:

We invite you to enjoy Elder or Maqui sour, prepared with fruits of the region accompanied with piñon to the garlic or ostrich carpaccio, and if you like seafood you can ask for crab claws and mayomerken.

As main dishes we recommend grilled steak covered with bordelaise sauce and piñon risotto garnished or a Patagonian lamb roasted in clay oven accompanied by Quinoa risotto or an exclusive homemade paste such as Morchella or Dihueñes sorrentinos with Wenu Mapu sauce (nuts and piñones to the cream).

As a dessert we have an exclusivity of our restaurant, Piñon Mousse with a fine presentation or a delicious Kultrun Wenumapu.

You can also enjoy a traditional casserole with piñon or wheat locro, or if you prefer a delicious merken pickled wild rabbit.

Some of our dishes:

Traditional dishes

  • Roast lamb with side dish.
  • Roast goat with side dish.
  • Pickled rabbit with potato puree with Merken.
  • Tripes with merken plus side dish.
  • Rib cap with side dish.
  • Chicken casserole

Hors d’oeuvres

  • Little Cheese parties (6 units)
  • Shrimp Pil Pil
  • Ostrich Carpaccio (Thin Ostrich slices with olive limoneta and capers, parmesan and toasted bread)
  • Crab claws and Mayomerken.
  • Piñon with garlic.
  • Mushrooms with garlic.
  • Plank (Chicken sticks, beef, sausache, cheese cubes, olives, sautéed mushrooms with flavored Merlot sauce and black pepper).
  • French fries.


  • Salmon Ceviche with vegetables selection.
  • Shrimp Pil Pil
  • Mushrooms to the garlic
  • Crab claws and Mayomerken

Soups & Creams

  • Cream of tomato soup with Gin
  • Cream of Mushrooms
  • Vegetable Broth (Chicken broth with vegetables)
  • “Reina” Broth (Chicken broth with chicken pieces refined with cream)

Main dishes

  • Grilled steak covered with bordelaise sauce accompanied by Piñon risotto.
  • Roast lamb in Marchand D’vin sauce with Quinoa Risotto.
  • Strip Loin with Cabernet Sauvignon sauce, duchess potatoes and stewed vegetables.
  • Supreme grilled chicken (Oporto sauce served with Frittata made of season vegetables.
  • Wenu Mapu Salmon (Grilled salmon covered with sautéed vegetable ratatouille, shrimp tails, salted capers and mushrooms with Provencal potatoes).
  • Crab Pie
  • Grilled chicken with side dish.

Homemade Pastes

  • Fettuccini.
  • Fettuccini with Merken
  • Lunette of smoked salmon
  • Triangoli with green stuffing
  • Sorrentinos with beef stuffing
  • Sorrentinos with Dihueñes stuffing
  • Sorrentinos rellenos de Morchella
  • Raviolle with cheese stuffing


  • Pesto (garlic, basil, nuts, olive oil)
  • Nogada (white sauce with nuts and nutmeg)
  • Luigi (tomatoes, sautéed vegetables, herbs, olive oil)
  • Mare e Monti (cream, mushrooms, shrimps, herbs)
  • Bolognese (garlic, onion, tomato, beef and oregano)
  • Alfredo (ham, white sauce)
  • Wenu Mapu (Nuts and Piñon with cream)


  • Cordillera Mousse (Mousse of Piñon)
  • Ice cream glasses with crispy meringue and chocolate sauce
  • Celestine Pancakes (Manjar stuffing)
  • Sierra Nevada Pancakes (Ice cream stuffing)
  • Diet Ice cream glasses (no sugar)
  • Macedonia with diet cream (no sugar)

Pastry making

  • Lemon pie
  • Celestine Pancake
  • Kuchen
  • Picarones